The role of a Financial Adviser

Advisers 2018

In a series of interviews, Heard Financial are getting back to basics.  In our initial discussion, we address what is, in essence, the role of a


“Everyone understands they are going to work, they are going to earn money, they are going to have to provide for their own retirement down the track, they understand the basic concept of superannuation  – and I guess the role that we play as Advisers is helping people navigate that path along their working and retirement timeline, irrespective of where that may be.

And filling in the gaps due to a change in circumstance, be it marriage, divorce, death, inheritance, special care arrangements – all those sorts of things.  We can provide ongoing advice and support so that we can eliminate a lot of the noise that the media perpetuates around what you should or shouldn’t be doing about planning for, or building wealth during your lifetime.” Matthew Kerrish

“I guess we have a really holistic approach.  We give goal based advice rather than product based advice.  It is about your journey, and what you want. We just work out what we think are the best strategies for you.  Strategy comes first, product comes second.” Bridget Lamphee


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