Meet Frank

If you were looking to compose a recipe with the ingredients of a knowledgeable and experienced adviser, we think Frank is a complete package.


Glancing at his qualifications, the Accounting badge is noteworthy, and a brilliant facilitator to fostering sound knowledge and relationships across the complete financial spectrum. While his self-expressed love of all things finance, including watching investment ‘talk shows’ with experts, journalists etc is not how we all spend our leisure time, it highlights the fact that Frank well and truly developed a working life out of a passion and an active interest, a self-described ‘finance geek’. With a start in banking that progressed to management and provided experience in lending and finance (and the joy of seeing young people embark on home ownership), an army reserves term, a family, and a friendship with an accountant, Frank made the move into financial planning. His understanding was simple – if he looked after other people’s money as well as he looked after his own, wealth would grow. This level of personal responsibility may have caused a few sleepless nights, yet his belief in careful planning and quality assets has never wavered.


As for the immediate challenges we are living – a health crisis, a business crisis, an oil crisis and the tremendous uncertainty about the length and the extent of the damage is affecting us all. With this stress, it is an opportune time to talk to Frank, and call on his wisdom to seek some financial perspective.
We were thrilled to learn of Frank’s other interests, and like a few of Team Heard he enjoys watching the Crows and the Australian Cricket team, yet it is not all about the spectator role for Frank. Some would say an active interest in Motorsports, some would call him a ‘rev head’, and some would understand the adrenaline of driving a race car as an endorphin producing escape.
In talking to Frank, it becomes very clear very quickly that all his life he has listened to those who have impressed him, those who have mastered their craft or excelled in their field. His pursuit of knowledge and excellence is admirable. We are thrilled to have him on board.

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